Our Story So Far: 1998-2013
Don Miller & Christian Draschler

Over the next ten years, membership grew considerably and the Camberwell Petanque Club was successful in being granted the opportunity to regularly hold State Champion-ships as well as our own Tournaments at our Hawthorn facilities. CPC became incorporated on 29th Feburary 2008!
Sadly, Bill passed away at the beginning of March this year. He will be greatly missed by all of us!

I cannot finish this script without drawing attention to another great contributor to our Club. John-Paul Ernst was responsible for the design and construction of our 24-piste Petanque facility. If there is a problem somewhere, John Paul will work out how to fix it and then go ahead and get it done. Amongst other things he is a computer whiz and ran the scoring for the 2 National Tournaments played at our Club without a hitch.

Richard Tarlinton - President (2012-2014)

Petanque - Funny name, great game!

I would especially like to highlight the great contribution to the growth and success of CPC made by the late Bill Claiborne. Bill was the President of Camberwell
Petanque Club for many years.
He was also the creator of
pisteup.com, Camberwell Club’s
own newsletter, and one of the
most widely read websites about
Petanque happenings in Australia.
Bill also worked with Presidents
of other Victorian Petanque
Clubs to reform a Victorian State
League. His efforts were
successful, and  Bill was elected
inaugural President of Victorian
Petanque Clubs Inc.
William (Bill) Claiborne
In 2012, our Club was selected to hold the National Doubles Championships and this year we were selected to hold the National Triples Championships. Many of our members volunteered to cater for the food and drink requirements of more than 100 players and a similar number of spectators, but it was well worth it, as players voted our facility the best in Australia for the second year running!
In 2010, Boroondara Council approached our Club to ascertain our interest in relocating to a soon-to-be renovated facility at Lynden Park, Camberwell. At a Special General Meeting 18 February 2011, the membership voted unanimously to submit an Expression of Interest to Boroondara Council to take up a Licence at the former Burwood Bowling Club at Lynden Park. What a wise decision that was! Our application was successful, and after completion of the renovations, the Club moved to Lynden Park. Since then our membership numbers have continued to grow, we have the best playing facilities in Australia and a wonderful clubhouse. We share the facility with the Veteran Car Club of Australia and the Girl Guides.
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The Camberwell Petanque Club (CPC) was founded in September 1998 by Christian Draschler, Don Miller and the late Patrick Robin. Initially games were played on a patch of gravel at Wattle Park, Camberwell.
In October 1999, Boroondara
Council carried out a review of
the many Lawn Bowls facilities
in its jurisdiction. Council found
that many of these facilities were
considerably underutilised, and
Camberwell Petanque Club was
offered the opportunity to relocate
to an unused bowling green at
Hawthorn Bowling Club.  The hard
work of laying and spreading gravel
to form the original 18 pistes was
carried out mainly by the trio mentioned above. Both Christian and Don are still members of the Club.
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Camberwell Petanque Club