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Mine Are Bigger Than Yours!
By JP Ernst
It is always interesting to know a little about the pistes prepared for large international events.

Teams at the 2015 World Championships held in Thailand were confronted with a terrain covered with stones as large as a coch.  And the lesson here is to play on whatever piste you are confronted with!  ⛔
9 June
10 Trish R.
11 Rob W.
12 Michelle C.
13 Andrea B.
14 Laraine MC
15 Percy
16 Geoff T.
17 Iouri
18 Myriam P.
19 Guy M.
20 Chris B.
21 Terry
22 Tina
23 Ron L.
24 Henry S.
25 Leonnie
26 Gloria w.
27 Howard B.
28 Jean François
29 Jean Cluade
30 Guy B.
31 Peter C.
St. Kilda - What does she mean to you?

Read what Sandra Brown writes . . .

Quite late one evening after dining at Ristorante Massoni, my husband and I arrived back to our car parked on the kerb in Fitzroy Street, and were unable to start our car’s engine.  RACV summoned, only to find some scoundrel had lifted the bonnet and stolen vital parts of the engine while we dined.

Read what the Critics have to say . . .

“As memorable as My Life in Kenya by my best pal Lionel Hardcastle.”

"A successful attempt to mash a restaurant guide and sports report into one short novel."
SWEDISH CHEF - The Muppets
Saturday Winners for 2016

Here are the players who received prizes for being excellent on a Saturday afternoon.  Scroll  for the past winners.
The 2016 St. Kilda Tropical Winter Promotional Tournament   By  Sandra Brown

Despite being Winter, we only played in a little rain and biting cold on a couple of days, the remainder were brisk, but often quite sunny.  Some sixty players took part across the eight weeks of the tournament.  All grateful to have a good reason to get out of bed on a cold Winter’s morning.
1 Stephane
2 Tatiana
3 Zac
4 Brigette
5 Ben N.
6 Mee
7 Harry
8 Sandra B.
Camberwell Does Well at Smythesdale
by JP Ernst

With the newly affiliated (PFA) Victorian petanque club at Smythesdale holding their inaugural Open Triples Tournament on the 15th October 2016 at the Woady Yaloak Recreational Reserve.  Seven CPCI members joined the 20 teams for a boule of a time and came third in the Principale as well as second in the Complementaire.

Jean François, Eileen & Patrick.
Eric, Joel & Luc.
Louis, Laurent & Stephane.
Nicole, Antoine & Trish.
Ben, Zac & Guy.
Jean Claude & Stephane
Jean Claude Dufroux each week
after his welcome speech as always exhorting us “to have fun”.

Camberwell had five players in the
top ten.  Congratulations to Zac
Nicholson-Diep, a Junior Camber-
wellian, who was the top player
from our Club in 3rd place, with his Father, Ben Nicholson in 5th place, Harry Cameron, another of our Juniors was 7th, Sandra Brown in 8th place, with Trish Ritman in 10th place.

Congratulations to Stephane Langlois, who was the Winner for 2016.
Trish tightly holds on to her Pinot Grigio.
St. Kilda does a great job hosting the
tournament with Jean Claude Dufroux,
Tatiana Terbah and Rob Willett making
a major contribution.

Go HERE for the images.   ⛔

Begins with a light BYO lunch at 12 noon.
First round of three games start at exactly 1:00pm.

Prizes of a fine bottle of wine to the
best players. Entry fee: $5.00

To continue until 3rd December 2016.

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