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St. Kilda - What does she mean to you?

Read what Sandra Brown writes . . .

Quite late one evening after dining at Ristorante Massoni, my husband and I arrived back to our car parked on the kerb in Fitzroy Street, and were unable to start our car’s engine.  RACV summoned, only to find some scoundrel had lifted the bonnet and stolen vital parts of the engine while we dined.  ⛔

Starting at 4:30pm every Friday for a couple of
fun games.  BYO dinner and drink or order a
local take-away by 5:30pm.

Random team selection at no cost.
New players welcome.

Starts 9th Dec. 2016 until 1st Apr. 2017
New - Members' Profile Series

We are introducing a new Feature to our Club’s Website, a Members’ Profile Series.

At intervals we plan to publish a fresh Profile, which brings to mind a saying of Oscar Wilde, “I never travel without my diary.  One should always have something sensational to read in the train”.  We are confident you will find the Profiles of your fellow members an interesting read.
Baard Solnordal is the subject of our First
Profile.  ⛔
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2017 Saturday Winners

Here are the players who received prizes for being excellent on a Saturday afternoon in 2017.

Those who featured during 2016 have been moved to the 2015-16 gallery here.
FIPJP updates official rules.

Recently the FIPJP had adopted its latest incar-nation of the Official Rules on the 4th December 2016, for application to all territories of the national federation and members of the FIPJP, ffective from the 1st January 2017.

Compared to the last update in 2010, there has been several additions made to articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 19, 26, 27, 32, 33 and 39.  Some of these had been pre-empted by the PFA’s version released in late 2016.

Of note is that found in article 10, namely filling a hole versus sweeping the ground in front of a "boule about to be shot".

Anyhow, more about these changes in the very near future.  ⛔
Roll up, roll up!

Friday, 31 March, we're turning on a BBQ dinner.  Everyone's welcome.  We want to see all our members, old and new alike.

Friday, 31st March, 2017 will be our last
Twilight fixture before our Saturday
format commences and we'll be
farewelling the end of Summer and the
hot weather and celebrating the joyous
arrival of Autumn, a favourite season for
many with its milder daytime
temperatures and cooler nights.

Our Committee is putting on a BBQ and salad meal, free for all attendees (BYO drinks).  Members are encouraged to bring friends or relatives to introduce them to our Club and our great game.  We would like to boost our membership and hopefully some of our visitors will be persuaded to join our Club.  Membership of clubs has been identified as being beneficial, particularly for those who are ageing, and we feel our club with its excellent facilities and friendly cohort has much to offer.
Please let the Secretary, Sue Gray, know the number of visitors who will accompany you no later than Wednesday 29th March, so that we can cater appropriately.  First game will start at 4.30 pm... followed by a second game starting at 5.30 pm.  Dinner will be at 6.30 pm.  Another game will be played after dinner.  Come for all games or, if you are working, come when you can make it.

The only requirement for intending players at our Celebration is to wear enclosed flat shoes.  We have sufficient spare boules at the Club.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Twilight Celebration  ⛔
Although overcast, Sunday 5th February, was a very warm, humid day with just a short, teasing shower at one point, insufficient to concern the players.  Heavy rain was forecast for later in the day and came just as the clearing up was finishing in the evening.  Huey up there, smiles on us again;  just the same calamitous downpour happened at the same juncture after a tournament we hosted in 2016, turning our pistes into a very large sea of water.  The Gods are on our side!

Thirty five teams played in the tournament, some all men, some all women, some a combination of both genders.  Fierce competition, played with much goodwill and friendliness.  A fine day’s petanque.   Thank you to all our visitors for patronising our tournament.

Congratulations to the Winners, Patrick Dufresne (Caulfield Club) and Frederic Vencatasamy (Weird Entertainers’ Club).

Click here for full results and here for the photos.  ⛔
by Sandra Brown

Usually a report on a tournament hosted by CPCI begins with a summary of play.  Not this time!  The standout was the way the tournament was hosted by our Club and the exceptional hours of volunteering offered by our members.  They are the Champions!  For this to occur whenever assistance is requested shows a splendid spirit is alive in our Club community.  We always like to spruce up our gardens and pistes before welcoming visitors to our Club and, on this occasion, offered delights on sale for lunch, sandwiches, quiche and salad, as well as fresh scones, baked on the premises on the day, served with jam and cream.  Pretty impressive.
Guy Mercier John-Paul Ernst Peter Barker
Charles Hepenstall Ron Jenkins Marion Mc Donald
Myriam Parsons Terry Barter Sandra Brown
Trish Ritman Heinz Bansagi  Ben & Zac Nicholson
Setting up tables indoors, checking bathrooms were clean and ready for use and setting up kitchen area ready for service by:  
Sue Jenkins Terry Barter John-Paul Ernst
Keven Diggins Ron Jenkins
Working tirelessly in the kitchen prepping, serving food and drinks, keeping up with the endless supply of iced drinking water as well as washing up all those glasses and dishes by:
Sue Jenkins Terry Barter Helen Dubberley
Mary Diggins Beverley Grigg Sue Gray
Marianne Harris Keven Diggens  
Peter Barker (not being able to attend earlier, came especially in the afternoon to help, then stayed on to the very end).

John-Paul Ernst in his inimitable manner handled all the scoring and draws for each round, with the assistance of lieutenants Sue Jenkins and Keven Diggens.   David Shaw from Hanging Rock Club acted very capably as Umpire.
Plus those members who may have been inadvertently overlooked.   We are very aware that many of you simply see a job that needs doing and unseen, without any fuss, you just do what needs to be done.

We are justifiably proud of our Club and venue and just as proud of the effort and generosity of our membership.

Now to the tournament!
You are the Champions
The pistes and surrounds looked magnificent and were set up ready for tournament play by:
Thanks go to all who contributed before, during and after the tournament.  Below is a “listicle” acknowledging all your efforts.  It was a great success thanks to every one of you.
Clearing up at the end of the day putting equipment away, cleaning and vacuuming etc. by:
Ron Jenkins Antoine Buffet Sue Jenkins
Terry Barter Peter Barker
CPCI Committee Responds to Global Warming

Confirmation by the Bureau of Meteorology that 2016 was a record-breaking year of scorching heat and driving rain on Australia’s East Coast means that, climate-wise, many of us have “shifted a few hundred kilometres north,” a weather expert said.

“Australia’s climate in 2016 was certainly consistent with long term trends over the last century which have seen Australia warm to the same degree as the rest of the world and all the indications are that these warming trends will continue into the future.”  The past four years have all been in the top six hottest years recorded in Australia.

In a timely response, your CPCI Committee has addressed the need for more shelter out on our pistes.  After successfully securing a significant Federal Government grant through our local MP, Josh Frydenberg, all options for the structure were investigated.
The design is to be a timber structure featuring dramatic rows of rafters supporting Suntuf polycarbonate roof sheeting, which offers 80% protection from sun and ultra violet rays.  To preserve the panorama across the pistes from the clubhouse and to reduce visual bulk, the shelter will be open sided, yet due to its size it will offer substantial protection from both sun and rain.

A known builder has been appointed and construction is expected to be completed by March.  The Grant rules require the Club to contribute funds and/or practical assistance to the project so, to keep our costs as low as possible, we will be asking Club members to lend a hand in a few working bees during construction.  However the heavy work will be done by the builder’s young lads!
A 1/10th scale model has been made to give members an early glimpse of what the final shelter will look like.  This is now in the far back corner of the clubhouse and will remain on display until construction is completed.  Treated pine is the most practical and cost effective timber to use which starts as a warm yellowish colour but eventually will fade to a grey as it weathers.  This is virtually maintenance free and will avoid initial painting costs and the need for costly upkeep in the years ahead.  The current timber seating will be re-used.

Your Committee is excited about this major project which will further add to, what we like to think is, Melbourne’s premier petanque
venue!  ⛔
CPCI ends up Cup~less
By Sandra Brown

On Sunday, 25th February, 2017, our Club members travelled to Gisborne to defend the Jolly Roger trophy and flag which we held after beating Mt. Macedon Petanque Club in the 2016 annual club challenge on our pistes at Lynden Park.

Although still officially Summer the wind was very cold and biting all morning, with the temperature hovering around 11C.  The sun emerged later and warmed us up a little.   Alas, not enough because we were not "on fire" and Mt. Macedon posted a handsome win.
Hostilities will be conducted on our home pistes when next we meet and we hope to put on a better showing.

We thank the Mt. Macedon Petanque Club for their warm hospitality and the great lunch they turned on.  Always a pleasure to visit them.

Prizes were awarded to Best Man and Lady on the day for both Clubs.  Sue Gray was our Best Lady and John Cook our Best Man (although it was announced as Ben Nicholson - another Academy Award moment).

Click here for the pictures.  ⛔
Post script - A little birdy told me that PFA has reviewed some of its' rules to fall in line with that of the FIPJP.
Victorian Championship Men’s and Women’s 2017 Triples

This tournament was hosted by St. Andrews Beach Petanque Club on Sunday, 5th March 2017.   Fourteen Men’s teams and six Women’s teams competed in the tournament.

Notably, our President, Guy Mercier, in combination with Jean Francois Veyssiere and Patrick Hamon (St.Kilda) was placed Third in the Men’s event and our member, Myriam Parsons, in combination with Eileen Marie (St.Kilda) and Tina Genovese (Weird) was placed Third in the Women’s event.  Kate Mangan (Camberwell) in combination with Medgee Lebrasse (Dove) and Mary Deakin (Longbeach) were Second.  ⛔

Click here for full results.
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